Anthology Featuring Tiger By the Tail: Savannah Tigers, Book One

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Publication Date: eBook - April 15, 2008; Print - February 24, 2009
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Who would you trust with your life...and your heart?

Tiger by the Tail by Kaye Chambers

Sasha DeStephano's spent her childhood insulated from the dangers of growing up with the "tiger mafia". Now that she's been summoned to appear before the elders, she's urged on every side to give up her birthright for a new regime.

But not Colton Reyes, a rogue alpha. Cole thinks the tiger society is headed down a one-way street to disaster. And she is their only hope. In this game of danger and intrigue, Cole's best chance to protect to pretend to claim her as his mate.

Except pretending is the last thing on Sasha's mind.


Even for Me by Taryn Blackthorne

Once, Aislyn had a life, a family and a home-until a witch cast a spell that shattered everything. Now Aislyn is holed up in Denver and fighting the Changes that ravage her body and threaten her hold on humanity.

All Jackson Havens needs is quick proof that Aislyn is the Ghost Cat Killer, and his wallet will be fat again. One pair of handcuffs and a double-crossing employer later, Jackson finds himself bound to the sexy Aislyn-and racing to catch the real killer before someone puts Aislyn down. For good.



Praise for Tiger by the Tail

"I loved this wonderful, wonderful story. I've been such a scaredy cat myself over writing in the first person, but after reading this one, I'm going to try. Because a whole story from one person's point of view really, really hooks you in, if done well. Kaye's voice is so different. I know, we hear that a lot, but it is." - Ciar Cullen.

"Tiger by the Tail is a little jewel of an urban fantasy about tiger shifters. It's totally entertaining, steamy, intriguing, and these characters made me sit up and take notice!...It's a keeper!" -5 Hearts, The Romance Studio. Read the Full Review.



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