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Kaye Chambers

Kaye Chambers has led a wild life. She’s soaked in hot springs in the middle of a blizzard, sat on a volcano to watch the magic of the Northern lights, stood on the coast in the eye of a hurricane, and been awed by ruins of pagan temples. She eventually settled (as much as one can settle when constantly moving) into life as a military wife, mother of a beautiful precocious daughter and mischievous twin boys, and caretaker of two Boxers and a tortoise named Abby.

In 2006, she decided to put her ass in the chair and finally hunt down her writing dreams. Angelic Avenger was the result. Encouraged by its win at the 2007 Maggie Awards, she began learning about the writing biz and submitting… in the process writing and selling her first novella, Tiger by the Tail, to Samhain Publishing.

Kaye continues to write urban fantasy, satisfying her love for adventure by building new paranormal worlds. She loves to use her books to think outside the box and explore unexpected possibilities.

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